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Our firm mission and daily business mantra is to assure that the value of your hard-earned business investment in our legal services is warranted – from commencement to closure of your case. With years of business experience (finance, contracts, marketing, accounting, taxation, regulation, procurement, land use and construction, franchising, and much more) you can understand why we obviously introduce ourselves as “a business law practice that also helps entrepreneurs with personal legal issues.” We focus on the risk/reward analysis of your case throughout our representation and work with you to plan, budget, risk mitigate and minimize your potential exposure with attempts to maximize your recovery. We work to ensure our fee is a sound return on your investment under your specific facts and circumstances. You have our assurance we will not approach your case as merely a potential fee to our firm. We can't control all legal costs associated with our representation, but we strive to have offer transparency and understanding of our fees, costs and risk assessments throughout your case so you can make a wise business decision. Although Monday-morning quarterbacking may indicate differently, we will provide pertinent information to allow you to make the decisions about your case that is wise under your particular facts and circumstances.

We provide sound and reasonable advice in many start-ups, acquisitions, business governance inquiries and much more. With the assistance of your tax advisor, we can also help you select the appropriate entity, whether it is a partnership, LLC, LLP, corporation or joint venture. Further, we can negotiate, draft and resolve contract disputes and business litigation. Based on our knowledge in technology, medical issues, procurement and business savvy, we can assist with many areas that other law offices may not be prepared for: information technology, medical, restaurants, construction, services, retail, wholesale and many other types of commercial transactions and businesses.

What we feel we can reasonably offer for a flat fee, we will. This fee structure exists so you can budget accordingly. When we can’t offer flat fee service, we will make a good faith estimation of our thoughts and impressions on your risk exposure and potential pro forma budget for our representation. If the situation changes, we will strive to provide timely information so you can consider your options. Generally, we approach our representation as a part of a business team and you are the quarterback. Let's talk and see if we can help.

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Business Law

After years of experience in business formation, general advising and litigation, it is evident to us there is a huge gap between the legal and business industries. The concept of “on time and under budget” is foreign to many attorneys. Most small to medium business entities don't have the time or resources to investigate and monitor their legal advisors to ensure their selection is a wise business investment.

Rest assured, our experience is that bigger is definitely not better in terms of value or ability. We have been associated with both large and small firms, and have successfully prosecuted and defended cases against the largest firms in Columbia. Although our intent is always to resolve your case quickly and favorably, know that if you select us, we will not back down merely because your "David" is going up against their "Goliath."

If you feel you need that extra resource of a large firm, however, the attorneys at Palmetto State Law Group have joined with the larger firms to offer more efficiency, yet the specialization and resources available at larger firms.