If you'd like to request a consultation with an attorney from the Palmetto State Law Group, please book online above or complete the form below after reading a few suggestions on how to prepare for your meeting:

•Bring all documents related to your case. Make copies that you can give to the attorney at your first meeting.

•Organize your thoughts and bring notes. Be sure to write down any questions you may have for the attorney in advance. You may not remember everything you wanted to ask while you're in the meeting, so having a list of questions can help you stay on track.

•Be completely honest when describing your situation. Conversations held with your attorney will be confidential, so that means anything you say cannot be discussed with anyone else without your express permission. 

•Don't be afraid to ask how much the attorney will charge to work on your case. If you need a payment plan, let the attorney know. Your fee agreement will be provided in writing, so please keep a copy with your important papers for future reference.

•Be sure to read all documents carefully before signing. If you're not sure about what a document means, ask the attorney to explain it in terms you can understand.

•The attorney will give you an opinion about your case and how to proceed. Be sure to follow any instructions given on what to do next.

•You must consult with the Attorney and sign a retainer agreement before you are represented.

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