As the size of our senior population grows, there is an increasing need for legal representation that is sensitive to financial, medical, insurance, personal and other considerations of aging, especially since we are living much longer with more uncertainties in retirement and health care. We use a multi-disciplinary approach for each client that enables us to prepare for and design legal (and other) planning that strives to preserve family assets while assuring appropriate quality of life and care. We are also sensitive to you as an individual and your loved ones throughout this process.

From powers of attorney, living wills with health care proxies, wills, trusts, full-service probate administration and many other solutions, we have the capabilities to handle the legal issues affecting seniors and their families. Palmetto State Law Group also has access to and experience with financial planners, insurance providers, benefits coordinators, tax specialists and estate sales specialists to help reach an individualized solution.

If you already have some or all of the needed resources, we can work with these industry professionals to ensure a smooth and well-considered legal approach to your planning and senior care needs. If not, we will assist you, based on your individual situation, to assure that a plan is considered and implemented for you and your loved ones. 

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In the ever-expanding population of the “Double Nickel Club” and above (commonly referred to as the Baby Boomers), we are excited to have an area of practice that focuses on the specific legal needs in this critical area of law. Ten thousand Baby Boomers per day will turn sixty-five for the next twenty-five years. The expansion of our senior population means there will be an ever-growing demand for legal services in this very specialized area.

Elder Law is a term that applies to legal issues dealing with the needs of those who are currently elderly and frail, as well as those younger seniors to be, who are beginning to contemplate and prepare for retirement, as well as their respective families.

This field of law includes, but is not limited to:

  • Estate Planning
  • Contingency Planning for Potential Incapacity
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Asset Preservation
  • Life and other Insurances
  • Medicaid Eligibility
  • Nursing Home Regulation and Care
  • Elder Abuse and Exploitation
  • After-life Probate Administration and Asset Disposition
  • Pre-need Issues

Senior and Elder Law