Wills, Trusts, and Estates

We assist clients in the design and implementation of their personal estate plans. Our goals are to listen to what you want, so your property is disposed based upon your wishes at your death. We attempt to minimize the probate fees, and any applicable gift and estate taxes associated with a client's estate. Finally, we want to ensure that the property passes with the least cost and confusion as possible. 

Even where estate taxation is not an issue, the potential cost of long-term care can decimate even the best planned estate. For that reason, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to enable the chronically ill spouse to have the best quality of life possible while preserving assets for the well spouse and then assuring that the proper beneficiaries receive estate assets. 

We have experience in both simple and complex estate planning for individuals, executives, business owners, and professionals. We are also very experienced in assisting with estate planning during and after divorce, and represent many clients whose children or beneficiaries are disabled, have financial or marital problems, or otherwise have special needs or circumstances that must be dealt with. Frequently these beneficiaries require trusts to prevent them from losing state benefits or otherwise to protect assets from creditors or medical bills. 

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